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Our FAQs

What is CprUpdate.co.uk?

CprUpdate.co.uk is the new way to update your CPR/BLS training online. We bring you the need-to-know information, fully up to date, in an easy to follow format. We offer this at the best price, too, significantly less than many other online training sites.

You might find other sites offer multiple courses at different prices, and get confused which one you need. We offer one course for one price that includes everything.

Why is the price so good?

CprUpdate.co.uk believes that training should be focused on what you need to know. Many other sites ‘bulk out’ their training with explanations of human anatomy and physiology, or the legal aspects. This way, the training takes longer and they charge more. You don’t need to know any of these things to be able to perform CPR effectively. Our course is short and to the point.

Other sites can also send out printed certificates, and the cost is often included in the price, so even if you don’t want or need them, you are still paying for them. CprUpdate.co.uk doesn’t do that – we send you a digital certificate. That’s modern, it’s environmentally friendly, and it keeps costs low.

I want a printed certificate

We do not provide physical copies – they are digital only. You are free to print your own from the copies we send you.

Do I have to sign up to regular payments?

No. The course fee is a single price with no obligation. You will get a reminder email when your training is due to expire, and we would be delighted if you use us again next year, but that is entirely up to you.

Do you use my data for any marketing, or share it with other companies?

No. Never. We will send you a single reminder email when your training is due to expire after a year. Otherwise, we will not send you any marketing or share any of your account information.

Are you accredited?

Yes. We are an accredited provider registered with the CPD Accreditation Group (No. 777170). CprUpdate.co.uk is operated by Onyx Medical Ltd, a medical education company run by practicing doctors, who wrote and approved the course material. You may want to check with your organisation/employer that they accept online training updates.

I have a question, problem, complaint, or suggestion for you

Please get in touch via the help button on our website, or email us at info@cprupdate.co.uk

We welcome all feedback, and will reply quickly, often within the hour (although we do sleep – so if you email us at 3am, for example, it may take a little longer).

Customer service is our top priority.